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???-???: The Uncontrolled Energies by SteveO126
???-???: The Uncontrolled Energies
In the attempt to create the ultimate super weapons, two beasts of unstable power were born. Team Evo are responsible for the monsters of flames and lightning. They know no limits and only live to wreak destruction. Are these man-made demons even Pokémon? Nothing can contain them, not even the legendary Master Ball!

Project Apex
Incinerating Pokémon
Type: Fire
Ability: *Energy Eater
- Very little information gathered of Project Apex. Created by a dreaded machine built by Team Evo, this monster is entirely made up of the flames that powered the machine. Soon after being born, Apex broke free and destroyed Evo HQ. Attempts of capture have usually failed, as Pokéballs melt on contact with this Pokémon.

Project Vertex
Electrifying Pokémon
Type: Electric
Ability: *Energy Eater
- Very little information gathered of Project Vertex. This monster was created with a super laser built by Team Evo. Its body is made up of highly electrified plasma, same as the laser. Only knows to destroy, and soon after birth, Vertex destroyed Evo HQ. Attempts of capture have usually failed, as Pokéballs short circuit on contact with this Pokémon.

* Absorbs Fire and Electric Type Attacks, raising its Special Attack and Speed.

Pokémon Apex
Pokémon Vertex
107: Elk Moose by SteveO126
107: Elk Moose
Tundra Pokémon
Type: Ice
Ability: Sap Sipper/Run Away
- They strengthen their awkward legs by running on ice, though they tend to always slip. They dig in the snow for grass hidden under.

Tundrelk >Lv35> Mooselkle
105: Steel Ball by SteveO126
105: Steel Ball
Gyro Ball Pokémon
Type: Steel
Ability: Scrappy/Heat Proof
- For their small size, Balldilo are incredibly hefty Pokémon. They can stand their ground from attacks of much larger Pokémon. They then retaliate by swinging their iron ball tail.

Balldilo > Lv Up holding Iron Ball> Wreckilo
062: Fooling Fox by SteveO126
062: Fooling Fox
Trickery Pokémon
Type: Dark/Normal
Ability: *Sub Tail
- Dex info soon

Kitanuki >Moon Stone> ???

*Does not lose HP when setting up a substitute
061: Desert Worm by SteveO126
061: Desert Worm
Desert Serpent Pokémon
Type: Ground/Electric
Ability: Sand Rush
- These Pokémon hunt anything that wanders in the desert. Though their bodies generate large amounts of electricity, they can only use it when above the ground. Their horn like growth act as sensors as they travel in the sand.

Does not evolve

This person is amazing at fakemon designs like seriously holy pewp check him out!


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i dont allow it atm sorry
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